Work or Sports Injuries That Become Chronic Nagging Pain Won’t Go Away By Themselves

That nagging pain that won’t go away – sprained ankle, pinched hamstring, stiff neck, sore shoulder – may stay and invite more discomfort, if you let it. No big deal, you think. A little ice and rest should do the trick. Until it doesn’t.

The Secret to Speedy Recovery is Physical Therapy

In fact, NOT moving may aggravate the condition. Unused muscles contract, lose flexibility and strength. Meanwhile, daily activity is disrupted, sleep may be disturbed, and you learn to live with the pain instead of taking action to work through it. The secret to a safe, speedy recovery is physical therapy.

When You Can’t Afford to Wait Out Injury

People who move for a living – athletes, dancers, trades and delivery people – can’t afford to wait out an injury, and probably neither can you. Instead, they immediately turn to movement specialists, physical therapists, to help get them back in the game. And so can you.

“Very few injuries need surgery. They need time and work.”

Ryan Petering, MD, a sports medicine specialist at Oregon Health and Science University, routinely refers patients to physical therapy because he believes in the long-term benefits to overall health and fitness it provides.

Learning how to move in a way to prevent further and future injury is a sustainable approach to treating work or sports injury without drugs or surgery. A physical therapist teaches you proper movement, by working on strength, balance and alignment to apply in everyday life.

Direct Access to Affordable Pain Management

The first call you should make when you sustain a movement-related injury is to a physical therapist. You do not need a physician referral, and you have the right to choose your physical therapist.

At Millennium Rehabilitation, we offer same-day appointments to help you when you need us most.

As a privately held practice, Millennium Rehabilitation is not on a corporate clock, so we can spend the time required to help you.

For the Same Cost, You Get More Services with a Private Physical Therapy Practice

Millennium Rehabilitation’s facility is geared specifically to physical therapy and sports training, so we can offer fees at a fraction of those charged by large health clinics providing soup-to-nuts care, which then carry higher liability and overhead costs that are figured into their fees.

Look at the physical therapy fees published by the Cleveland Clinic and Akron General, which differ for the same services. 

cost comparison physical therapy

At Millennium Rehabilitation, for the same amount of money, you could get more services. Or, simply pay less to get the services you need. Your choice is your right, not your doctor’s.

Feel free to visit our facilities in Hinckley or Parma so you know where to go when you need physical therapy help with a work or sports injury before it become chronic, nagging pain.