Physical Therapy Personalized CareWhen you have been injured in the game of life, there’s no time to sit back and hope things will heal on their own

Injuries to the soft tissues of the body can lead to immobility and decreased range of motion, strength, and performance.

Physical Therapy: The Surgery and/or Pain Medication Alternative – No Doctor’s Permission Needed*!

Physical therapy can help improve or restore the mobility you need to move forward with your life. If you seek an alternative to surgery and/or pain medication, consider physical therapy. No matter what area of the body ails you- neck, shoulder, back, knee – physical therapy has an established history of helping individuals improve their quality of life.

Keep Playing, Moving & Living

At Millennium Rehabilitation, our focus on physical therapy and sports medicine provides our patients with the services they need to keep on playing, moving and living with the most optimal function and independence possible.

Millennium Rehabilitation Treatments

• Orthopedic and Sports Rehab
• Athletic Training
• Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
• Work Injury Rehabilitation
• Balance Disorders
• Pelvic Floor Dysfunction/Incontinence
• Arthritis/Pain Management
• Injury Prevention • Sprain, Strains, Fractures
• Acute and Chronic Pain
• Neck and Back care
• Osteoporosis
• Overuse Injuries
• Tendonitis
• Obesity
• Stroke

*“Direct Access” – No Prescription Needed!

Did you know that, in most cases, you don’t need a prescription from your doctor to start physical therapy? That’s right. You have the power – and the right – to get help without permission.
Now you can contact Millennium Rehabilitation directly for help to reach your highest level of physical activity in whatever you do. Physical Therapists, highly-qualified through formal education and clinical training, evaluate a patient’s condition, assess physical therapy needs and, when appropriate, safely and effectively perform treatment. This means a physician’s referral is not required to come see us.